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Destinations Overview

With Riverflow, you can send blockchain data to your team tools via Real-time data streams or by synchronizing tables from your prefered blockchain sources.

Why sending blockchain data to your destinations?

Being data driven for a web3 company means relying on web2 and web3 data. Web2 has made it easy for data team to leverage data by providing tools and methods to collect, connect, analyze, and activate data. Blockchain offers a new realm for data models and a need for adaptation. Most business tools read events or tables. For example, analytics solutions read events from your app and CRM solutions read events or tables to update information on your contacts. Luckily, blockchain data is also made of events and tables that can be formatted to fit your business tools. With Riverflow, it is now easy to activate this blockchain data into your preferred tools and activate data with the same level of precision as you do with web data.

What are the available destinations in Riverflow ?

You will find below the current list of destinations available in Riverflow:
Available feature
Real-time streams, Table Sync
Real-time streams, Table Sync
Real-time streams
Real-time streams
Real-time streams, Table Sync
Real-time streams, Table Sync
Real-time streams
Please note that the Riverflow team is constently adding new destinations.