Braze Integration

Incorporate Blockchain Data into Braze for Enhanced Customer Engagement


The integration of blockchain data into Braze offers a unique opportunity to enrich customer engagement strategies. While Braze excels in creating personalized and impactful customer experiences, incorporating blockchain data can take these efforts to a new level. Riverflow is specifically designed to bridge the gap between the intricate world of blockchain data and customer engagement platforms like Braze. This guide details how Riverflow can seamlessly integrate blockchain data into Braze, providing a new dimension to your customer engagement metrics.

Why Braze with Blockchain Data?

Integrating blockchain data into Braze allows for:

  • Enhanced Customer Profiles: Augment customer data in Braze with blockchain activity, giving a more comprehensive view of customer behaviors and preferences.

  • Targeted Campaigns: Use insights from blockchain data to inform and tailor marketing campaigns in Braze for greater relevance and impact.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Understand how blockchain interactions correlate with customer engagement and retention metrics in Braze.

Getting Started with Riverflow and Braze

To integrate Riverflow with Braze, follow these steps:

  1. Set Up Riverflow Account: Start by creating your account on the Riverflow platform.

  2. Select Blockchain Events for Braze: Choose the specific blockchain events you want to track and integrate into Braze.

  3. Configure Braze as a Destination: In Riverflow, go to the "Destination" section, click 'Select Destination' > 'Braze'.

Integrating Blockchain Data into Braze

Ensure a smooth data integration process:

  1. Configure Braze Destination:

    • Braze API Endpoint: Select the appropriate endpoint for your data integration needs.

    • Braze API Key: Input your unique Braze API key found in your Braze account settings.

  2. Data Mapping and Customization: Customize how blockchain data is mapped to your Braze fields to ensure seamless integration and utilization within your campaigns.


By integrating blockchain data with Braze using Riverflow, you can significantly enrich your customer engagement and marketing strategies. The combination of Riverflow's blockchain data integration and Braze's powerful customer engagement tools will transform how you connect with and understand your customers.

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