Stream blockchain data to HubSpot


Blockchain data offers rich information that can be extremely valuable for CRM. While HubSpot excels in managing customer relationships and marketing automation, it can be enhanced with blockchain data integration. Riverflow effortlessly connects blockchain technology with HubSpot, enabling you to utilize blockchain data effectively in segmentation, marketing campaigns or workflows. This page will guide with blockchain data integration into HubSpot using Riverflow.

Why HubSpot with Blockchain Data?

Integrating blockchain data into HubSpot provides a unique opportunity to enrich your CRM and marketing strategies:

  • Enhance Customer Profiles: Leverage blockchain data to gain deeper insights into customer transactions and interactions in the Web3 space.

  • Innovate Marketing Strategies: Understand how blockchain events correlate with customer behaviors and trigger strategies based on your customers blockchain interactions.

Getting Started with Riverflow and HubSpot

Integrating Riverflow with HubSpot involves a few simple steps:

  1. Set Up Riverflow Account: Begin by creating an account on Riverflow on

  2. Event Selection for HubSpot: Choose which blockchain events you want to send to HubSpot and apply any necessary filters.

  3. Select HubSpot as Destination: On the stream creation page, navigate to the "Destination" section, click 'Select Destination' > 'HubSpot'.

Sending Blockchain Data to HubSpot with Riverflow

To ensure the data is accurately sent to HubSpot:

  1. Configure HubSpot Destination:

    • Authorize Riverflow app: After selecting Hubspot as a destination, click "Authorize". You will be redirected to your Hubspot account and asked to validate Riverflow app. You can find more information on our Riverflow app for Hubspot here.

    • Properties matching: In order to send blockchain data to your Hubspot account, you will need to map a property where you store your customer wallet address with the relevant blockchain property of your chosen event.

      In the below example, our Hubspot account identifies our users wallet addresses under the 'wallet' property. We will match this property with the receiver address of a transaction with the blockchain variable called 'to':

  2. Data Mapping and Customization: Customize how blockchain data maps to your HubSpot fields to ensure seamless integration and usability (learn more on customization and mapping)


By integrating blockchain data with HubSpot using Riverflow, you can significantly enhance your CRM and marketing analytics, offering a more comprehensive view of customer interactions and behaviors across both traditional and Web3 platforms.

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